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    Below are our most frequent questions and answers about Eye Candy Products and Services. If your question is not answered on this page please reach out to us using any method of contact listed on this page.

    Many home-based professionals can offer you services at far less than the salon rates, thanks to not having rental fees or commissions that need to be paid to the salon. We are trained and certified by taking the same courses the salon professionals have, so you know you are getting a well-educated professional. We are small business owners and entrepreneurs who make our schedules to offer you the flexibility you need.

    Completely. All professionals will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement, so your private information stays that way. However, suppose you decide to see a different Eye Candy beauty professional for any reason. In that case, your new professional will have access to the services you’ve received, the products that have been used for you and any design information that will make you feel confident that you will get the look you want.

    All Eye Candy beauty professionals will have access to gift certificates. However, it should be noted that these certificates must be redeemed from the professional you purchased it from.

    Absolutely you can change it… Your business is still your business! You work the hours on the days that you choose. You will have access to your account in the scheduling calendar to make any changes you require.

    I would be happy to! Let’s meet for lunch, a coffee or even a phone call and talk about it. The more variation and options we have for clients when selecting a professional, the better it is for all of us.